Zombie Markets in Upland

2 min readApr 4, 2022


With every property minted, the price in a neighborhood slowly rises. When an area mints out, the neighborhood can reach new highs as all players must buy on the secondary market.

Comparing LA and Nashville:

It might be tempting to mint any collection area in the hopes of future price rises. However, not all markets are created equal. The pace of minting in Bel-Air (LA) is accelerating, whereas it is stagnant in Parkwood (Nashville).

Minted in the last three days — Bel Air 27, Parkwood 4.
Minted in the last seven days — Bel Air 36, Parkwood 5.
Last 14 days — Bel Air 83, Parkwood 16.
Last 30 days (i.e. two days after Detroit release) — Bel Air 175, Park wood 28.
Current outstanding — Bel Air 539. Parkwood 719

Which do you prefer — owning a virtual mansion and joining a vibrant mansion in Bel-Air or a standard house in a less vibrant part of Nashville? (Source: Zillow)

Bel-Air passed Parkwood on February 25th and never looked back. In the last three days, players in Bel Air are minting 9 properties a day as opposed to 1 a day in Parkwood. The rate of minting in Bel-Air is accelerating even as properties now minting for a minimum of 653k or almost 5x the minting floor price in Parkwood.

Despite being a Limited collection, I called out Parkwood as cursed on Twitter because players aren’t waiting up to two years for the area to mint out. They are dumping Parkwood under mint now, which discourages other players from minting. Every new city release will make it that much harder to entice players to mint Parkwood. This Upland Limited collection is now stuck in market limbo, possibly never to recover so it is best avoided.

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