The future of the Upland metaverse — News from the SXSW Event

2 min readMar 14, 2022


The alpha release of Upland racing:

I like how they are showing buildings in the Upland metaverse, rather than IRL. Next step, testing ahead of the beta release.

A preview of an Upland Sports Car (Source: Upland Official on Youtube)

Upland’s panel highlights from this year’s SXSW event:

A token is needed to unlock functionality. Upland’s utility tokens are UPX (spendable) and Spark (can be staked). The next utility token will be Stem (can be staked) and is used to create organic life (trees, animals, plants) in Upland. NB: It seems like the team didn’t mean to announce this new token yet (watch the link from 6:18). Timeline: “In the future”

With Cars, Upland players can start manufacturing 3D items and manifest them in the Upland Metaverse. This manufacturing capability will soon extend to players creating ornaments and other types of structures.

Upland deliberately created the friction of travel in order to strengthen the notion of having a local community. The goal is to make something permanent, rather than transient, by creating a sense of place in the virtual. A cross-country trip will require recharging (if your car runs out of spark), which opens the way for charging stations where players can pay for temporary access to another player’s spark token to charge their car. They also referred explicitly to water transport and flying.

Quick Highlights:

The Upland team is very close to the guys at Linden Labs.

A part of true ownership is to have named beneficiaries for your properties, for example, if you pass away. The passing on of these assets may occur automatically, for example, after a fixed time (e.g. two years) without the player logging on to the game.

Q about Favorite city: Washington DC. Was that a hint for the next expansion city on the East Coast? They also highlighted international expansion listing Asia, Europe, and South America in that order (watch the link from 20:30).

2-minute concluding statements — Holoride rep proposed the goal of filling the Metaverse with life [with Holoride’s Ride token presumably playing a major role in providing functionality to virtual transportation systems]. Goal: a spatial web that is community-driven.

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