Strategies for getting ahead in Upland Queens

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Update (almost 3 days after city-wide launch):
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An important strategy for FSA players at this point is to find the dislocations in places where players are paying huge premiums for properties but there are still cheap FSA properties to mint. Some examples:

1 — Rego Park has an FSA floor of 2.9k, but a non-FSA minting floor of 39.1k. The current sales floor is 9.5k. 3x your UPX.

2 — Bay Terrace has 3 non-FSA left with a minting floor of 616k. FSA floor 5k. The current sales floor is 14.5k or a 200+% markup. The place is tiny so if Bay Terrace becomes a collection or a node, its price will skyrocket.

3 — Jamaica Hills has FSA for 4.7k. Non-FSA is gone, so the floor is now 14k UPX or over 175% markup. That is 3x your UPX.

The view from Bay Terrace Queens irl (Source: Zillow)

Update (36 hours after city-wide launch): [Scroll down for the original post]

FSA players should mint out the few remaining Bay Terrace properties and flip them. Small neighborhood, good markup (2–3x). What is not to like?

In other parts of the city, steady progress with the NW of Queens and the Eastern parts of the Rockaways seeing the most progress in the last 24h.

Still bargains around 5.8k in Jamaica and neighboring St. Albans. As these disappear players will spread out to mint more widely up until the Collections release. Then some of these neighborhoods will disappear quickly.

Bay Terrace in Upland Queens is a small community of HODLers with only FSA left. Good chance to mint two and flip.

Update (18 hours after city-wide launch):

Certain areas minted out really fast — Kew Gardens, most of the Rockaways, and Glen Oaks. Others are minted out except for FSA — Long Island City, Bay Terrace, Jamaica Hills, and the two stress test neighborhoods. New players should mint FSA in LIC, BT, and JH, and flip. Otherwise, there are plenty of reports of 5k, even sub-5k mints available in Queens. I found some in Elmhurst, but look around at the least loved areas of this map (orange). The reds are probably that way because the initial mints are still above 6k and players believe they will not be collections.

Update (2 hours after Stress Test Launch):
The major streets sold out fast. I minted one on Broadway but that was it. Prices were reasonable, and a quick survey of FSA mint prices found some for low 3s up to low 5s in Woodside and high 3s to low 7s in Jackson Heights. I tried hunting for even one unminted property after 20 minutes and there was nothing. Another player said non-FSA minted out in 10. Two hours later, even FSA properties are rare. A good sign for tomorrow’s city-wide launch.

Almost minted out in Woodside, Queens; two hours after the stress test began. Only FSA remains.

Introducing Queens:

Queens resembles a 1–1–2 city in Upland (Link) but its airport is attached to Manhattan. It will be large (1), relatively expensive (1), and with a reasonable iconic city value (2). For treasure hunting, it is considered Tier 2. However, Queens (20% FSA) is not Detroit (70% FSA) and the strategy will have to change. I will break down my strategy into four parts — Streets, Neighborhoods, New Player FSA properties, and People Watching.

TIP: Players flying into JFK will have to take the bus to Queens. (Link)

Major streets in Queens:

For sake of argument, let's imagine 16 collections (the low end of the possible number of collections). Rough guidelines: 7 street collections and 7–8 neighborhood collections with a themed collection. Some street collections will be micro-collections, leaving 4–5 major streets on the list. I believe that three major streets have an excellent chance of becoming a Limited or Exclusive collection and will be in demand in the first round of minting.

*Queens Blvd (available in Woodside) — *Astoria Blvd (Astoria) — *Main St

Together with Northern Blvd (also available in Woodside in the first round of minting) and Jackson Ave and 21st St (Long Island City), I believe you have the most in-demand streets of the initial release. [NB: These last three are a prediction about where players will focus on minting, not a collection prediction.]

Map of the various neighborhoods in Queens (NB: the boundaries do not line up with Upland)

Minting non-FSA in FSA Neighborhoods Strategy (i.e. minting the floor):

Let’s turn to neighborhoods. Any neighborhood close to Manhattan is going to NYC is going to do well. Many ppl will mint there first. However, many established players will mint the floor of the city in order to have something to sell for USD or UPX as prices inevitably rise. Queens will have 20 % FSA properties, and the places with FSA will also have relatively cheap non-FSA properties. Here are ten neighborhoods most likely having plenty of FSA in Queens (Link).

#1 Jackson Heights (stress test neighborhood)
#2 Forest Hills
#3 Flushing
#4 Douglaston, particularly south of Long Island Expressway
#5 Kew Garden Hills (not Kew Gardens)
#6 Some bargains should be available in Astoria, especially FSA properties
#7 Jamaica
#8 St. Albans
#9 Howard Beach
#10 Elmhurst

Property sales data shows a bulge of properties between 300k and 500k. This map shows everything below 500k in the center and west of Queens. (Source: Redfin)

Upland Queens vs. the Bronx:

Don’t panic because Queens will take weeks, if not months to mint out. In real life, the Bronx is roughly as affordable as Queens though there are 50% more properties in Queens. The challenge is that only 80k properties were released in the Bronx, and the density is almost 50% lower in Queens ( Prediction: 200k properties, though something on the scale of Detroit (387k properties) is quite possible. Update: 2Stupid2Win predicted roughly 320k properties. Detroit is 6 weeks out from release and 65% minted, so I predict 10 weeks for minting out Queens.

The Unisphere in Flushing Meadows, home to the US Open Tennis and MLB Baseball

New Player FSA strategies:

The goal should be to mint FSA properties in areas that have a higher demand first and then FSA properties in the cheapest place possible (see top ten FSA regions in Queens). Here are three suggestions:

1/ Aside from minting on famous streets, Long Island City offers a good opportunity as it likely will have lots of FSA and is a high-demand location near Manhattan.

2/ Whitestone will have tons of FSA, but is a relatively small neighborhood on the northern shore.

3/ Jamaica is going to have some FSA that more established players can’t mint. This district lies at the heart of Queens and is filled with tree-lined boulevards.

As with every new city release, if you want to accelerate your UPX gains city releases are the time to put money into the game. Avoid putting more than $50, which gives you 75k UPX with a referral link but doesn’t necessarily put you over the 100k limit for buying FSA. My referral link is:

You will only be able to sell 2x FSA properties a week, so start by selling anything in the west of Queens for 2x or 3x your minting price (or more). By next week, we will have the collections which will appreciate in price the fastest. The quickest way to grow your wealth is to flip properties, rather than hold them, so make sure to buy some non-FSA properties as well to expand your possibilities on the secondary market.

People Watching:

The final strategy is to mint what you believe other ppl will mint based on the recommendations of the larger influencers. Try to sell these before the collection reveal, as they are speculative plays that ppl will pay UPX for. I will post some predictions from influencers hereafter the stress test but before the main release.

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