Strategies for getting ahead in Upland Queens

The view from Bay Terrace Queens irl (Source: Zillow)
Bay Terrace in Upland Queens is a small community of HODLers with only FSA left. Good chance to mint two and flip.
Almost minted out in Woodside, Queens; two hours after the stress test began. Only FSA remains.
Map of the various neighborhoods in Queens (NB: the boundaries do not line up with Upland)
Property sales data shows a bulge of properties between 300k and 500k. This map shows everything below 500k in the center and west of Queens. (Source: Redfin)
The Unisphere in Flushing Meadows, home to the US Open Tennis and MLB Baseball



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When in Upland, I spend my time building up the node in Morningside Park. Join us on Discord: