Preparing for an upcoming new city release in Upland

3 min readApr 4, 2022


Some perspective on timing the market ahead of a new city release in Upland.

Deploying your UPX cost-effectively:

Players sell under mint in USD, but rarely in UPX. To build your UPX quickly often requires buying at mint and flipping. Rinse and repeat. If you don’t have enough UPX for the new city, you can either earn rental income (slow), get a loan (fast but can be pricey), collect treasure (depends on your skill), buy some UPX (takes no skill), or…

The USD to UPX Strategy:

Players who buy in USD typically buy between 10–20% under the UPX floor in any given city. In Upland LA, the difference is even higher. Instead of buying 100k from Upland, this strategy would buy $80 of properties at the USD floor and flip them for slightly above the UPX floor. If done right, you will earn 15 — 25% free UPX. NB: Works best in a major city, which has more buyers. You never need to be the cheapest to sell in a Tier 1 city. You only need to be cheap (not even cheapest) for your neighborhood.

UPX to UPX Strategy — selling inventory ahead of a new city release:

Players who mint a ton of properties in cheap neighborhoods will have an easier time selling them for profit ahead of a new city release. Timing the market is important here. My cheap inventory in Detroit sold out quickly because of the limited availability of non-FSA supply, but I still have about 25 non-collection properties I want to sell in LA. By selling around 4–6 properties a day, so I should be out by the end of the week.

Market Trends —What I learned from selling en masse in Chicago:

Chicago is a Tier 1 city so the market is liquid. Even still, there was a major slowdown in the marketplace starting around 3 days before the LA launch forcing players to reduce prices. The same phenom is visible throughout the Midwest and South. I sold over 100 properties the week before the LA release, and almost nothing starting 3 days before it. Much better to prepare for a new city release by selling off excess inventory early (allowing time to experiment with pricing) rather than try to panic sell after the announcement.

Upland Market Analysis shows a dip across the Midwest before the LA launch (Source: Upland)

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