Introducing Morningside Park Node, your home in Upland’s Central LA

Introducing the Morningside Park Node in the Upland Metaverse
The top 10 neighborhoods for construction in Upland right now (Source: Upland Data)
A Morningside Park ranch house built to code (Source: Franexmo81, node admin)
An award-winning design for Upland’s Custom Architecture Competition in Chicago
Morningside hosts its first, but not its last, Metaventure thanks to MJC3337.
A prototype racing track for Morningside Park (Source: Thilos956, node member)
A list of players staking their spark to build Morningside Park in Upland LA
A discount on Spark Rental for node members building bulk orders



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When in Upland, I spend my time building up the node in Morningside Park. Join us on Discord: