If we build Upland’s Morningside Park, they will come.

But first we have to find them on Discord.

Upland presents a special challenge to community building — the community is different on Discord than in the Upland virtual neighborhoods. Many of the names are different, and it is hard to invite ppl to join something if we don’t have their name.

So I am inviting anyone who is currently building in Morningside Park to join our Morningside Park discord node.


The Forum in Morningside Park (Source: Wikipedia)

Anyone know these Upland players? If so, please forward them the invitation to the discord node.

  1. Reku81 on 8107 Crenshaw Blvd is building a small townhouse.
  2. Pab21 on 3153 W 82nd St is building a small townhouse.
  3. SULTAMIR is my neighbor at 9200 Crenshaw BLVD.
  4. Krappy is building a small townhouse at 8248 Crenshaw Dr.
  5. OmegaZ08 is building a small townhouse at 3504 W 84th.
  6. ChrisRVE is building an apartment on 3425 W Manchester Blvd.
  7. Equanimus is building a ranch on 8711 S 11th Ave.
  8. IAMDANPENA on 3679 W Scribner is building a small townhouse. Those lots are small, so it is good to see ppl building what they can.
  9. ENDERZWORLD is building a small townhouse on 3639 W Scribner Ln.
  10. CAPEDMADMAN is building a small townhouse on 3535 W Sentinal Lane. Capedmadman also finished a small townhouse in MP. One of the first built in our node.
  11. GOTHIKANEMO is building a small townhouse on 9151 S Cullen Way.
  12. ILLNINO Is building a ranch on 9167 S Cullen Way. Anyone?
  13. FRANKLIN52GS finished a ranch on 9171 Cullen Way. Building another one nearby. Way to go Franklin!
  14. KOSKO11 is building a small townhouse on 3641 W Medici LN. Lots of these small townhouses are on small plots, before you judge.
  15. 1TURTLE is building. 1TURTLE is also in Jail.
  16. RIGTACOLOUS is building a small townhouse on 9531 S 11th. Another on 9601 S 11th.
  17. LUA27 is building a small townhouse on the massive Walgreens lot.
  18. OTTERPOND is building a small townhouse on 3417 W Century BLVD.
  19. TIMSE1001 completed a small townhouse at 3029 W 78th Pl.
  20. DBARCCI is building a ranch at 2700 W 83rd St.
  21. WARJA99817 is building a series of small townhouses starting on 8613 S 3rd Ave.
  22. RECALM is building a townhouse on 8615 S 6th Ave. Before anyone objects, the plots are narrow there so thanks for building a townhouse.
  23. EXPEDIA is on 8916 Crenshaw BLVD.
  24. DULLEO is on 8918 S 7th St.
  25. USO_Respekt is building on 9000 S 7th Ave.
  26. VALBEKINVEST is building on 9001 S 4th Ave.
  27. VICKY007 is building on 9216 S 6th Ave.
  28. PJ_2021 is building on 9310 S 2nd Ave.
  29. MOSHESCHOEN is building on 2710 W 95th St.
  30. NBANDITELLI is building on 9726 S 8th Ave.

Even if you don’t join our discord, thank you for building up the Morningside Park node in Upland.

Please follow me, if you want more Upland news and ideas.



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When in Upland, I spend my time building up the node in Morningside Park. Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/kXVknGGMfn