I found my thrill on Marble Hill (A guide to the new Upland contest)

Every uplander is getting a second chance at Manhattan with the release of unminted Marble Hill properties as a prize. Here are some things to think about:

1 point for registering and completing one paid send — sign up here: Link

Congrats! By registering and making one paid send, you have entered the drawing for Marble Hill properties.

To get more than one entry, you will have to complete four tasks on four sequential days. You have 24 hours to complete each task.

Day 1 (Starts Monday 900 AM Pacific Time) — Sending to three addresses with Upland in the address (4 points)

The goal is to make three sends to an address with Upland in the name (4 more points). 5 points are worth 2 entries in the contest.

Streets with Upland in the name:

Upland Ave (San Pedro, Los Angeles)
Upland Dr (Mt. Davidson Manor, SF)
Possibly The Uplands (Berkeley, Oakland)
Upland Point Dr. (Bakersfield) but be careful that there are only 2 properties on this drive, so you won’t complete the required 3 sends.
Upland Dr (Nashville, Tennessee)

Day 2 (Starts Tuesday at 900 AM Pacific Time) — Mint a property anywhere in Upland

I am going to ignore the cities where my data searches reveal less than 10 unminted properties, as these properties may have bugs making them unavailable. That leaves:

Kansas City — FSA properties apparently start at 5915 UPX. Non-FSA start at 11,136 UPX.

Nashville —Non-FSA starts at 12,788 UPX.

Los Angeles — FSA starts at 5615 UPX. Non-FSA starts at 8,418 UPX. If you are already in LA, then clearly it is best to stay there for tasks 1 and 2.

If you complete Days 1 and 2, you will have 15 points (3 entries).

Day 3 (Starts Wednesday 900 AM Pacific Time) — Treasure Hunting

The main thing to note is that you don’t need to win a competitive treasure hunt. A standard hunt is enough. So now may be the time to learn how to treasure hunt:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKMTDMiMDzQ (more than you could ever need to know to become an expert treasure hunter)

If you complete this step, you will have 30 points or 5 entries in each draw.

Day 4 (Starts Thursday 900 AM Pacific Time) — Selling any property in Upland

To get the full 50 points and 7 entries in each draw, you will need to sell any property on Thursday. This is the same day that Detroit drops in Upland, so you just have to mint one property and flip it to get the points. I will release an updated strategy guide for new players starting in Detroit tomorrow.

You can only win once. If you cover all of this, you have maximized your chances to win and hopefully, you learned something new about Upland. Good luck!



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When in Upland, I spend my time building up the node in Morningside Park. Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/kXVknGGMfn