Daily Property Deals in the Upland Metaverse (March ‘22)

This page will run a sequential series of daily deals to help players think strategically when buying property in the Upland Metaverse.

The Rules: I only recommend properties for sale (or mint) in UPX, not USD. The recommended properties are never mine. To find these daily deals, I use Upland Optimizer (free on Discord) because I find its pricing to be more up-to-date than Upxland.me. I typically use Upxland.me for statistics. All daily deals have been checked in the Upland game before publication. Players should always double-check this information, as both Upxland.me and Upland Optimizer suspend their updating for a few hours during a new city or collection release.

Monday, March 14 (2022): The best deal in Detroit right now, is for FSA players to mint Jefferson Chalmers and flip 2x a week. The minting floor in JC is around 11340 UPX (try on Lakewood Ave), whereas the floor in the secondary market is 18950 UPX. That means that FSA players can mint for less than 60% of what non-FSA players can buy for.

Minting in Detroit (Source: Myself)

Sunday, March 13 (2022): Spark week is coming to Upland tomorrow so players are starting to offload properties at deep discounts below mint for USD. The cheapest deals are in LA, Kansas City, and Detroit. Nashville’s Limited Parkwood collection continues to sell at a steep discount. The biggest markups are in Manhattan, Rutherford, and SF, followed by Staten Island.

Even in Upland cities that have a heavily discounted floor (Chicago and Cleveland), properties in collections are selling above the price implied by the collection bonus. Instead, I recommend 841 Irma Dr in Priest Lake (Nashville). Priced at 19000 UPX, it is priced at 97.7% of mint + 5% fee. At a 1.35x multiplier, the effective yield is 19.32% APR (instead of 14.7%). Whilst the markup is similar elsewhere in Nashville, Priest Lake offers a relatively cheap entry point for standard collections in Nashville.

Aerial view of Percy Priest Dam, Nashville TN (Source: US Army Corp of Engineers, Flickr.com)

Saturday, March 12 (2022): Today’s recommendation is to take the long-term view on collection properties. The UPX floor price for Chicago Standard Collections is essentially 151% with one property in USD going for 92% mint. With the 5% fee, that is a 3% discount on mint if paying in USD. In contrast, the USD floor for an LA Standard Collection property is so low (below 75%) that the player may go to jail for breaking the Upland Constitution (Link). Upxland.me statistics shows East Hollywood as 80% minted out, with property available on N Hobart Blvd for around 41k. Given that the UPX floor in East Hollywood is a property at 556 N Serrano Ave (46k or 3% above mint + 5% fee), minting new property in LA is still a good deal if you plan to hold for six months to allow collection prices to appreciate.

Artcycle in East Hollywood (Source: Sal Rodriguez, Flickr.com)

Friday, March 11 (2022): LA Koreatown is cheap (c. 80% of mint) but the mint price is expensive, so my first recommendation is 14707 Round Valley Dr (Sherman Oaks). The floor is selling for 95% of mint. With a 1.34x bonus for the collection, the property's effective UPX interest is c. 21.27% APR. Now is a good time to get into these LA collections whilst the UPX floor is so low.

One of the many beautiful homes for sale in Sherman Oaks (Source: Realtor.com)



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