Collection Predictions and near Sure Things in Upland Queens

3 min readApr 19, 2022


Typically, Upland influencers will explain which collections will be revealed but influencers including myself have a poor track record of actually predicting the collections. Radishhead for example predicted as a “stretch target” that Queens would be minted out in a day. Love the enthusiasm. With 50% minted after a week, 90% minted before the next city release is more realistic. However, expect the minting floor in collection areas to rise quickly (within minutes) after the announcement.

Often the best strategy is to limit your risk by offloading at least some in high target areas ahead of release and holding the rest. You can check my holdings on (Andia2), and you will see that I will do well if Bay Terrace or Broad Channel are collections. However, dig a little deeper and I have also sold four BC and three BT to ensure that if they are not collections, I have already benefited. Alternatively, start with the closest thing to an Upland sure thing — potential nodes being built by some of the biggest players in the game.

Teeem is the player with arguably the most number of properties in the game. He discussed a node in Bay Terrace during the Upland Property Xperts Round Table (hosted by ThankMeLater, link).

Loyldoyl is bullish on Rego Park because “even if it doesn’t become a collection, we’re making a freaking node.” (Link, Start 42:30). Loyldoyl backed the most successful node in Oakland, so I would take him at his word.

Investfourmo (Mark Ferguson) is circling the Rockaways but will decide on a lazy node after the release of the collections. NB: A lazy node is a way of telling everyone where he is buying and holding. If the community joins him in buying and holding, the price will go up. The community will then start constructing buildings without any higher-level organization.

The node strategy works, if you pick a place with limited properties. Mexicantown (Detroit)— not a collection but the minimum markup is 570%. Century Park (LA) — not a collection but the minimum markup is 350%. The prices in Century Park are much higher, so that property literally sells for 2 million UPX right now. I can’t promise that by joining a node you will enjoy similar success, but the worse case is joining a community of active players and potentially making a few bucks.

My collection predictions:

The explanations are a little shorter than usual. I hope that is a reminder that I don’t have any magic powers of prediction. I am just designing the most robust strategy possible, so if one thing fails the other will work. This is why, for example, the best strategy is always to mint Boulevards or other major streets in desirable neighborhoods so that you have a chance of a double collection (your property can fit in two collections).

1 + 2/ Northern Boulevard (Limited) and Long Island City (Exclusive)
3 / Astoria Blvd (Limited)
4/ Queens Blvd (Limited)
5/ Rockaway Beach Blvd (Exclusive)
6/ Cross Bay Boulevard links the mainland to the Rockaways (Exclusive)
7/ Main St (located in Kew Garden Hills, Rare)
8/ Broadway (Rare)


9/ Bayside (Standard)
10/ Jamaica (Standard)
11/ Rockaways (Standard)
12/ Whitestone (Limited) because it includes Malba
13/ Neponsit (part of the Rockaways, Exclusive)
14/ Hollis (Rare)
15/ Glen Oaks (Rare)

16/ Special themed collection (Ultra-rare) will relate to wall murals (in keeping with the image Upland used for the Queens launch).

Queens wall murals feature heavily in the release announcement (Source:

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