Cars, Liquor, and Motown Music — three themes for Upland Detroit

3 min readMar 2, 2022


This article explains where to look for themed properties connected to Upland’s announcement of the Detroit city release. Stay tuned for tips on how to find the best properties to mint. At the end is a special shout-out to famous areas that have lots of FSA property.

Motor City — Woodward Ave

Woodward Ave is one of the most iconic roads in America, right in the heart of Motor City. Like Grand River Ave, Woodward Ave was a major Indian trail before it became the first paved road in America. It was initially paved between 6th and 7th Mile Roads (1909) and completely paved by 1916. Woodward Ave was also home to the first three-color traffic light.

Woodward Ave begins at Campus Martius Park (the park in the center of downtown Detroit) and runs 27 miles through Detroit and Highland Park to Pontiac (located outside of the city). The annual Dream Cruise is held on Woodward Ave every August, it is the largest automotive event in the world. Find out more about Woodward Ave here:

Motown Music:

Berry Gordy Jr. founded the Motown Record Corporation (aka Hitsville) in 1959. Gordy initially recorded Smokey Robinson for a NY record company before starting his own company. The studio and heart of Motown is 2648 West Grand Boulevard. Iconic names such as Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder got their start with Motown. The biggest ever Motown group was Diana Ross and the Supremes. Such a shortlist does not do justice to the extensive list of stars who worked with Motown.

The strategy would be to mint famous Detroit recording studios and houses of iconic musicians. You can learn more about the homes of famous Motown artists here:

Honorable Mention: 8-mile road which is a lively working-class commercial district where Eminem lived. The street name comes from its distance from the Detroit River.

Prohibition — Detroit is more than craft beer

Detroit was a critical supply point for liquor during the prohibition (1920 to 1933) because of its close proximity to Canada. Nancy Whiskey Pub is an iconic speakeasy in Irish Corktown, one of Jimmy Hoffa’s regular hangouts. Today, the only beer on tap is Guinness. Two Way Inn is the oldest bar in Detroit (dating back to 1876). Tommy’s Detroit Bar is likewise old, and it may even have been part of the Underground Railroad before it was a speakeasy.

Two Way Inn, a Detroit Speakeasy

You can learn more about sites connected to Detroit’s Prohibition history here:

Look to mint on Monroe Ave in Greektown, a lively nightlife hotspot in Prohibition Detroit. Honorable mention — several places along Riverside Blvd that used their riverfront location to serve as the first port of call of smugglers from Canada.

More recently, some of Detroit’s iconic draft beer breweries include Atwater Brewing, Detroit Beer Company, Jolly Pumpkin, and Motor City Brewing Works.

Pro TIP: FSA in Detroit Hotspots

My last Medium article suggested that players look for public housing located on famous streets. Now the property boundaries are available, so here are a few FSA to look into:

Fox Creek is almost all FSA. Greenfield is about 70% FSA. That means that the city opening will favor the new players. Other potential hotspots include:

Cnr of Michigan & Washington (Downtown)
Bagley St in Corktown has a reasonable amount of FSA. Henry Ford began building cars on Bagley St.
Alexandrine St in Midtwon has plenty of FSA.
Detroit’s Gold Coast has a ton of FSA just off Jefferson Ave.
There is FSA on the water on Harbor Island St in Jefferson Chalmers.

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